What is a webcam model?


Q: What is a webcam model?

A: A webcam model is a paid performer that entertains customers on the Internet via a webcam. While there are cam models who work from their own home, there are many advantages to working with an agency or studio. A studio takes care of the technical work (set-up, programming, web hosting, lighting, equipment, etc.), advertising, fully paid training, and a mentor-ship program with current veteran models. As a new or even experienced model, working with a studio helps  you focus on the actual cam show. Working with a studio makes the start up process much easier and also more professional for any aspiring cam model!

Q: What do webcam models do?

A: Our studio models are trained to take a conversational approach. Flirting and having conversations with the online customer base. Most of our  cam models simply chat with their viewers in such a way that friendships are formed. Some cam models even display their extraordinary talents, such as hula hooping, playing an instrument or singing, gymnastics or even juggling to entertain their viewers once they get to know them better. Please feel free to contact us to receive more information on our proven process of success!

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