Lexi Ervin: July’s Model of the Month

Lexi Ervin and super and here’s why!

Lexi is an extraordinary girl. When she isn’t traveling the country as a full time model, she enjoys yoga, reading, and takes any excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Her kind heart is as big and bright as her beautiful smile! Congratulations, Lexi!

The Secret to Drawing the Perfect Cateye

Let’s face it: For those of us without steadfast, surgeon-like hands or a professional makeup crew on call, inky, jet-black liner is intimidating. One false tug is all it takes is to go from feline flick to Amy Winehouse superfan. But before you breakup with the look altogether, consider this: With the right tool—and technique, of course—creating a cat-eye is actually easy. We recommend a gel formula liner with pen applicator. Because it’s so goofproof, the type of liner can be used a myriad of different ways. Behold: The easiest cat-eye you’ll ever create!

Step 1:

The goal here is sleek and sultry—not I-just-watched-a-Nicholas-Sparks-movie-marathon sloppy. To that end, get the perfect canvas for your dramatic eyeliner with NYX proof it! eye primer. It adds a light wash of nude pigment that conceals darkness and makes you look instantly more awake. Best of all, the formula ensures that your liner will stay put. Brush on a light shimmery shadow to really make eyes pop.

Step 2:

Holding the liner tip vertical to your lashline, trace a thin line out from the outer corner of your eye. The line should point upwards towards the tip of your brow and stop right underneath your crease. Tip: Follow your lower waterline to help guide placement.

Step 3:

Next, draw a line back toward the middle of your lid. You should create a small V-shape at the edge of your eye.

Step 4:

Then, starting near your tear duct, draw a slim straight line above your upper lash line until it connects with your V. Now pat yourself on the back because the tricky part is over.

Step 5:

Go back and fill in your outlines with color.

Step 6:

Finish with two coats of long-lasting mascara. Or opt in for a more dramatic, cam-ready lash by applying Ardell fauxmink lashes and be ready to bat those pretty eyes at all your new fans!

Featured Model of the Month


Classic beauty and class clown , Aspen Monroe, shows off her fun side in this month’s bubble bath themed shoot. We love Aspen for her many talents, our favorite being her wild sense of humor! She’s always reminding us laughter is the best form of therapy! Bubble3