Model Aspen Monroe loves the Contact Book feature on CamStarPlus !

Aspen goes over one of her favorite features on this new app by CamStarPlus. The app helps her in her climb to the top of the modeling industry. Very cool! Aspen on CamStarPlus Contacts

Stay at Home Mom… Now living her life!

imgresI was a stay at home mom for 15 years and after my son finally didn’t need me around (sad day for all moms) I figured I would get a part time job that didn’t take me away from the house too much. I work the day shift here and it couldn’t be more perfect! I can leave the same time my husband does and I’m home before him, so I can have dinner started and everything for when he get home. Plus I make more money in one week then most would make in a month at a full time job! Your never too old to be made to feel young, just think Cameron Diaz is 43 years old and she’s every mans fantasy! I would recommend this career path to college students, soccer moms with nothing to do all day, & anyone else who just wants to feel like they are hanging out with friends at home while earning money.


Not Just Another Day at the Office

imagesEveryday when I come into work it’s something new, a guy wanting me to read a poem to him or a lonely business man who has no one else to talk about his traveling for work adventures. I love meeting new people and learning about the different ways people live their lives. Also I get to develop friendships with people all over the world and hear about their day. I guess I could say I’m living my own adventure around the world everyday at work!