Tina: “I immediately succeeded…”


Tina Says:

I immediately found success with www.modeloffersnow.com and within my second week earned over $2500.00, for 28 hours of work, on my own terms. Im new, but the host who’s office is next to mine has been with this Charleston location for 3 years and is my “Mentor” . She is helping me get started by following a simple process. For now I’m just chatting with fans and promoting myself as my own brand. I know $2500 a week for part time hours isn’t a lot of weekly earnings for many of these veteran models, but as nervous as I was to try this new job, its a huge relief to see that it’s real, it’s fun, it’s professional, and you’ll definitely earn PROFESSIONAL income without needing a specialized degree. I love the conversational approach as well. So many of my friends are like “OMG! Your doing webchat??” and I’m very quick to educate them that “webchat” has thousands of genres from Cosplay, Similar Interest Groups, Music Fans, 18+, Fitness, Sports Talk, Card Games, Video Gaming, to just meeting new folks and chatting with fans from around the globe. It’s up to you how you’d like to proceed. Im so glad I did because at 19 years old, Im living in my own luxury condo, taking my friends out on the weekends, and putting away savings! I could never do this before working bottle service downtown. I would definitely refer (and have referred, lol) my friends and other women to apply now at www.modeloffersnow.com

Author: cammodelscharlotte

Fun, Flirty, Safe, Professional choice for the top performing hosts in the industry. Earn thousands weekly, get training, mentorship, support, feature opportunities.

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