Preshow Cam Prep

Carrying Out the Preshow Cam Prep

As a cam modelling, there are several things you can do to

increase your chances of success. Remember your ability to enjoy

your sessions, build bonds of friendship and be on top things, boils

down to thorough preparations. Here is a list of several things you

can do to make your session a success.

I. Use a high-quality webcam. All else being constant, the better

the video quality, the higher the chances people will want to

engage you. This, in turn, will translate to higher incomes. We do

supply the high-quality cams with excellent resolution. Quality

cams tend to significantly drive traffic and online engagement.

Whether you want Logitech HD Pro Webcam c910 or Logitech

720p Webcam Pro 900 or a whole host of other quality webcams

we can provide.

II. Proper Lighting. There is no need to have a great webcam and

have a weak light source. Typically it is good to have a minimum of

two light sources. Preferably three to four lights would be great.

The more lights you have, the less the likelihood of having

shadows on your face or around the room. Also, avoid too much

lighting as it becomes noisy and flashy. It might also trigger clients

who are prone to fits or epilepsy.

III. Hygiene Standards. Make sure your room is clean and clutter

free. You can also invest in quality and colour matching décor,

carpets, pillows and wall hanging. A well-set room that is clean

and inviting sets a beautiful and charming mood to a room. At the

end of the day you have to set the room in such a way that the

focus is on you and not the items in the room. Make sure its

minimalist, artsy, homely and fun.

IV. Personal Grooming. The presentation is critical. Make sure

you clean up, shave, do your hair and do a light touch up. Also

ensure that you dress up in a comfortable, fitting and relaxed

attire. Don’t overdo your makeup or dressing. Remember the trick

to looking good is dressing in your favourite colours and types of

clothes. Keep in mind that the primary focus will be on you, and

one of the things people notice first is your dressing and


V. Relax. Naturally, people tend to

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