Stay at Home Mom… Now living her life!

imgresI was a stay at home mom for 15 years and after my son finally didn’t need me around (sad day for all moms) I figured I would get a part time job that didn’t take me away from the house too much. I work the day shift here and it couldn’t be more perfect! I can leave the same time my husband does and I’m home before him, so I can have dinner started and everything for when he get home. Plus I make more money in one week then most would make in a month at a full time job! Your never too old to be made to feel young, just think Cameron Diaz is 43 years old and she’s every mans fantasy! I would recommend this career path to college students, soccer moms with nothing to do all day, & anyone else who just wants to feel like they are hanging out with friends at home while earning money.


Author: cammodelscharlotte

Fun, Flirty, Safe, Professional choice for the top performing hosts in the industry. Earn thousands weekly, get training, mentorship, support, feature opportunities.

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