Is a Studio environment right for you?

Cam girls ask “ is a studio right for me?”

First, let’s look at the different kinds of studios. This’ll be a good time to compare webcam studios to plastic surgeons. As you see in news reports, plastic surgeons can either be licensed surgeons or medical doctors who operate in a professional building with a professional staff in a professional manner. However we’ve all seen the horror stories of people who pose as plastic surgeons and may have some medical training but operate in an unprofessional manner or a warehouse or a basement or some other setting that was never intended for medical practice. Then you have people posing as plastic surgeons or at least participating in minor surgeries or facial injections who have no medical training and no formal knowledge of the procedure. These “feaux” surgeons in many times operate out of dingy dirty basement and back alleys, and do not maintain any sense of professionalism. The same can be said about webcam studios. In our experience over the last 12 years, we have seen many different models of webcam studio. One model is the remote model for a studio which hires webcam models throughout the United States and Canada and just sign them up remotely and hope for the best. They provide no content, no photography, no makeup, no hair, no opportunities for print publishing, no training no mentor ship, no production quality, no computers, no nothing, they just simply get the paperwork and sign them up. The second type of web cam studio that we’ve seen is very similar where there’s very little resources given. There are no resources given to print publishing, there’s no training, there’s no structure or management in the atmosphere, many times there’s illegal activity of drugs or prostitution. Many times these types of webcam studios are operated out of someone’s basement or a warehouse or a back alley storage center or somewhere this just shady. We would ask that prospective webcam host beware of these types of studios .

Lastly, there is the type of studio like we run here with Charlotte webcam studios. We have a studio that is clearly a professional building , established on the main road , we are licensed, we comply with all the local laws and state laws and statutes, we run a zero tolerance drug and alcohol free environment, and we provide so many benefits to a prospective webcam model. Some of the benefits include a 30 day training program, all the equipment required, the proper lighting the proper production quality the proper web speed the proper processor speed, management to help answer any and all questions, relationship with over a hundred and seventy different web affiliate, relationships with the biggest and best webcam platforms on the web, the highest payouts in the industry, our own in-house web development Center which assist our models and building their own web presents their own web pages, their own web stores, we handle billing credit card processing content, hair, makeup, photo shoots, editing, submittal for print work, promotional work paid modeling opportunities and Geeks throughout the United States. We offer a mentor program where some of the girls have been with us for 5-6 years take on a brand new host under her wing and shows her the right and the wrong way of doing things, in other words we supercharge your track to success as a feature entertainer and a high paid web host. With that being said we also require that you keep your schedule, that you manage yourself, that you come in ready to work with your hair and makeup on point, your personality is on point, you’re putting in the time it takes to be successful in this industry! And we are proud to say that JM data and its affiliates throughout the United States are consistently ranked among the top 10% web host in the entire industry. That in itself is a wonderful accomplishment and it’s only available with proper management, proper structure, proper resources given to our hosts so that they can make the kind of money and live the kind of lifestyle that they desire.

You see when it comes to being successful in the webcam industry, there are so many variables. You see many web host become discouraged they feel they don’t do well due to certain variables that they were unaware needed to be attended to in order for them to be successful. There are also many hosts who are just getting by just kind of doing okay. That is not what we are about, so get in contact with us if this seems like a career you would like to get into. We will guide you and teach you the correct, professional way of doing things!

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Fun, Flirty, Safe, Professional choice for the top performing hosts in the industry. Earn thousands weekly, get training, mentorship, support, feature opportunities.

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