Hollywood’s Secret to Being Photogenic

imgres-1Stars: They’re just like us. They aren’t born camera-ready. In fact, according to models and actors, there’s a specific technique to looking perfect–and confident–in every pic. You gotta squinch.

What the hell is squinching, you ask? It’s a combination of squinting and pinching. Here’s what you do: Tighten your eyes as if you were going to squint. But slightly relax your top lids and let the lower ones do more of the work (where the “pinching,” of sorts, comes into play). The goal is to find a happy medium between full-on squinting and, conversely, looking like a deer in headlights. (If you still need visual evidence, don’t worry–there’s a video tutorial.)

We spent a bit of time practicing and found that the trick does work. But it helps if you simultaneously say to yourself “Operation: Emma Stone.”

Author: cammodelscharlotte

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